Zadkiel Coin

Zadkiel Coin (ZDKL): the utility token for INFYNIT ( & A community with a culture believing that the Human potential is.. infinite. INFYNIT The Worlds First Gamified Streaming Platform where you get paid for engagement. In crypto! Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom, Justice & Forgiveness for all Humanity.

Pre-sale round 1

ZDKL Current Pre-sale Price

$1 USD

Pre-sale round 2

ZDKL Price

$1 USD

Pre-sale round 3

ZDKL Price


IEO and Token Listing

ZDKL Price


ZDKL Coin Raise Schedule

Stage 1: Pre-sale

10 million coin offering. The creation of liquidity for ZDKL ecosystem, completion of ZDKL infrastructure and 2022/2023 content production schedule.

Pre sale pricing: 1 ZDKL = 1 USD

  • First 3 million coins sold, receive a bonus of 15 percent ZDKL coins on purchase.
  • ZDKL Coins sold between 4 million – 8 million range receive 8 percent bonus ZDKL Coins on purchase.
  • ZDKL Coins sold 8 million to 10 million range receive  5 percent  bonus ZDKL coins on purchase.

Stage 2: TBA

20 million USD coin offering. This offering will be listed on digital exchanges. Stage 2 funds are for the scaling of ZDKL Ecosystem.

Stage 3: TBA

20 million USD coin offering. Stage 3 funds are for Global scaling of ZDKL Ecosystem.


$50MM Raise from 3 coin offerings.

About ZDKL Utility Coin

ZDKL Coin is raising 10 million USD for our 2022/2023 season to make more great content/products and become independent from financial service companies who use their monopolies to shut down free speech, health, and world events in the public interest. To do this we created ZDKL, a Coin which provides you access to purchase, products, media and services.

ZDKL Coin is a utility coin to use INFYNIT.TV media and services.



Available to exchange in 3 different currencies using IPB Blockchain


Ability to make purchases and participate in our circular economy. Get special bonuses with the use of ZDKL.


Use ZDKL to subscribe, donate or tip your favorite contributor on INFYNIT.TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase ZDKL Coin?

In order purchase ZDKL coin, you need to have a Wallet with the correct smart chain address linked to ZDKL coins (in ERC-20 Network Ethereum Mainnet: Contract address: 0xfD487CB5D41a1D4A0B64032CffE78fA13fd87F9C or Binance Smart Chain Mainnet contract address: 0x067a9f12f737ebb62ee6bcd2f9c0b7168068bd25) and use that wallet address to receive ZDKL coin from us. We require you to send us either USDT, BTC or ETH in the amount that you want to purchase, and then we will transfer you ZDKL coin through the wallet address that you gave us.

How to use ZDKL Coin to buy products?

ZDKL coin can be used to purchase products on INFYNIT.TV. You will get an additional discount when you pay with ZDKL coin. To pay with ZDKL, go to check out and select your payment to ZDKL coin.

How can I use ZDKL Coin for membership subscription

You can use ZDKL to pay for a Subscription with INFYNIT.TV to get access to a membership area and exclusive content with an additional 30% discount when you pay with ZDKL coin. To start, go to INFYNIT.TV and click GET STARTED. You will be redirected to the registration page. Fill in your information and then select your payment in ZDKL coin.