Advantages of implementing a private membership system

This report explores the possible advantages of implementing a private membership tier on INFYNIT in combination with a private ZDKL utility blockchain token for access to exclusive services. It also draws from comparative systems that use private membership tiers. 

We examine the benefits of such an approach and underscore the potential drawbacks of non-private memberships that lack structured qualifications. By doing so, we illustrate in our opinion how private memberships and utility tokens such as ZDKL Utility token could significantly improve the quality and structure of services.


Private memberships combined with utility blockchain tokens offer several advantages compared to non-private memberships. These advantages include enhanced service quality, improved service structure, and more significant incentives for both service providers and members.

Benefits of Private Memberships and Utility Tokens


Enhanced Service Quality

Private memberships necessitate a qualification process, ensuring that only individuals or entities meeting specific criteria gain access. This process leads to a more dedicated and engaged community of members. Service providers can focus on delivering higher-quality experiences to this select group, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Risks of Private Memberships

Private memberships come with defined guidelines, creating a structured environment for both members and service providers. This structure facilitates efficient and well-organized service delivery, resulting in a smoother and more seamless experience for members.


Security and Privacy

Private memberships often incorporate enhanced security measures, protecting sensitive information and ensuring that data privacy is a priority. Utility tokens such as ZDKL, powered by blockchain technology, add an extra layer of security and transparency, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.


Exclusivity and Community Building

Private memberships create a sense of exclusivity and community among members, fostering a strong sense of belonging and shared interests. This camaraderie can result in more active participation and engagement among members.


Customization and Personalization

Private memberships can provide members with tailor-made experiences, catering to their unique needs and preferences. This level of personalization can significantly enhance member satisfaction.


Implementing a private membership tier in conjunction with a private utility blockchain token ZDKL offers numerous benefits, including improved service quality, structured service delivery, enhanced incentives for service providers, and increased security and privacy. These advantages are essential for maintaining a high level of service quality and satisfaction. Conversely, non-private memberships can suffer from a lack of structure and quality due to a lack of membership qualifications. Therefore, organizations seeking to provide top-tier services should consider the advantages of private memberships and utility tokens as a means to enhance the overall service experience.